Madison, WI

Axe Throwing Leagues

Madison’s Most Exciting League!

FlannelJax’s Axe Throwing Leagues are geared towards all levels of wannabe Lumberjacks. If you’re looking to meet some new people or are hankering for some serious competition, you’ll find it here. Throw some excitement into your life and meet some fellow ‘swingers’ in the most unique leagues in Madison.

League play takes place on Tuesday nights from 7:00pm – 9:00pm.

Axe Throwing League Rules:

  • FlannelJax’s follows the International Urban Axe Throwing Association (IUATA) rules
  • The cost for a 9 week season is $150.00 + tax, per person
  • Everyone throws for the first 8 weeks and the 9th week is playoffs
  • Your score is tallied across all of your throws. You won’t compete directly against any player

  • st-paul-axe-throwing-league-1

  • st-paul-axe-throwing-league-2

  • st-paul-axe-throwing-league-3

  • st-paul-axe-throwing-league-4

  • st-paul-axe-throwing-league-5

Each night will be officiated by one of our Lumberjacks to make sure everyone is having fun and playing fair. You’ll also get the chance to mingle with your fellow competitors and scope out the competition in-between your throws.

Reserve Your Spot. Call (608) 579-0683 to Register