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Axe Throwing

Experience St. Paul’s Best Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing is the main attraction at FlannelJax’s St. Paul. From the moment you launch your first axe and hear it THWACK into the target, you’ll be hooked! There isn’t a more extreme experience in the Twin Cities than Axe Throwing at FlannelJax’s.

Even if you have never held an axe before, our trained Lumberjacks will turn you into a Lumberjack legend in no time. With a bunch of different Axe Throwing games and challenges, you’ll be cheering on your team, talking trash to your opponents, and feeling the thrill of sticking that bullseye!


Walk-in Session
$28 / 1 hour
Booked Session
$45 / 2 hours
Large Group Session
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Our Axe Throwing Games:

Try out any of these challenges at FlannelJax's St. Paul:

  • Four Corners
  • Axe-Hole
  • T-I-M-B-E-R
  • Cricket
  • Around The World
  • 21
  • 305 / 501

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Lanes fill up fast!