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Survey Says: Americans are Anxiously Awaiting a Return to Indoor Entertainment Venues

On the cusp of widespread vaccinations, Americans are weighing in on their interest and comfort level of returning to indoor entertainment venues. FlannelJax’s, North America’s premier axe-throwing and lumberjack sports experience, recently commissioned a survey of more than 1,000 U.S. adults to better understand their view on returning to indoor entertainment venues.

Conducted mid-February, the survey results demonstrate significant pent-up demand for in-person celebrations and group activities. More than 84% of survey respondents indicated that they miss them. Similarly, 86% of respondents are looking forward to participating in large group social events after the pandemic.

“These results affirm that, as the pandemic is controlled, there will be an immense demand for entertainment experiences with friends, family and co-workers. Americans are excited and anxious to return to safely having fun at indoor venues like ours,” said Stephen Schober, President and CEO of FlannelJax’s. “As many Americans are looking forward to returning to indoor entertainment venues, we are excited for what the future holds after the pandemic for concepts like FlannelJax’s.”

Below is the full results of the survey, commissioned by FlannelJax’s, to find Americans’ sentiment on the effects COVID-19 has had on the indoor entertainment industry. Also view the accompanying infographic here.

1. In the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions, do you feel safe visiting indoor entertainment venues (i.e., bowling, axe-throwing, escape room, movie theatre, etc.)?

   Breakdown by Sex Breakdown by Age
ResponseTotal MaleFemale 18-2930-4445-6060+
Very Safe13.6%60.3%39.7%25.5%18.4%45.4%10.6%
Somewhat Safe29.4%50.8%49.2%29.2%22.3%33.4%15.1%
Somewhat Unsafe25.7%45.9%54.1%31.6%21.1%29.3%18.1%
Very Unsafe31.3%42.9%57.1%17.9%18.2%25.6%31.3%

2. When do you anticipate feeling comfortable going to an indoor entertainment venue with friends, family and colleagues?

   Breakdown by Sex Breakdown by Age
ResponseTotal MaleFemale 18-2930-4445-6060+
When case counts are minimal22.8%44.9%55.1%30.9%24.2%28.0%17%
After I receive the vaccine18.1%60.4%39.6%27.3%23.0%30.0%19.8%
When the majority of the population receives the vaccine38.9%60.4%56.1%22.6%16.4%28.0%33.0%

3. How do you feel about not being able to attend entertainment venues with friends, family and colleagues?

   Breakdown by Sex Breakdown by Age
ResponseTotal MaleFemale 18-2930-4445-6060+
I really miss these experiences46.2%48.9%51.1%25.9%19.8%35.1%19.2%
I somewhat miss these experiences37.8%46.9%53.1%26.0%21.9%28.3%23.7%
I don’t miss these experiences12.4%49.2%50.8%22.7%18.8%28.9%29.7%
I am pleased to miss these experiences3.6%54.1%45.9%32.4%10.8%29.7%27.0%

4. Please rank which reasons for visiting indoor entertainment venues you miss as a result of the pandemic.

Response1 – Miss the most23456 – Miss the least
Spending time with friends/family64.7%20.2%7.7%3.1%1.7%2.6%
Spending time with coworkers6.8%14.1%17.0%22.4%21.8%18.0%
Celebrating a personal event/milestone9.6%35.2%33.0%13.9%6.8%1.5%
Corporate Events/Celebrations2.4%5.0%11.3%28.0%37.4%15.9%
Date Night12.0%20.6%22.3%15.3%20.0%9.9%

Breakdown by Sex and Age:
Spending time with friends/family

ResponseMaleFemale 18-2930-4445-6060+
1 – Miss the most62.9%66.4%61.1%60.8%66.4%70%
6 – Miss the least2.6%2.6%5.2%1.4%1.8%1.7%

Breakdown by Sex and Age:
Spending time with coworkers

ResponseMaleFemale 18-2930-4445-6060+
1 – Miss the most8.4%5.2%11.2%4.8%6.1%4.3%
6 – Miss the least16.2%19.6%19.9%23.4%12.8%18.0%

Breakdown by Sex and Age:
Celebrating a personal event/milestone

ResponseMaleFemale 18-2930-4445-6060+
1 – Miss the most8.0%11.0%6.7%10.0%10.4%11.2%
6 – Miss the least2.2%0.9%1.9%1.4%1.2%1.7%

Breakdown by Sex and Age:
Corporate Events/Celebrations

ResponseMaleFemale 18-2930-4445-6060+
1 – Miss the most3.2%1.7%3.8%2.4%2.5%0.9%
6 – Miss the least15.2%16.6%14.2%15.3%14.4%20.6%

Breakdown by Sex and Age:
Date Night

ResponseMaleFemale 18-2930-4445-6060+
1 – Miss the most13.2%10.8%13.1%18.2%10.4%7.3%
6 – Miss the least9.0%10.8%8.6%4.8%10.1%15.9%

Breakdown by Sex and Age:

ResponseMaleFemale 18-2930-4445-6060+
1 – Miss the most4.4%4.9%4.1%3.8%4.3%6.4%
6 – Miss the least54.9%49.4%50.2%53.6%59.6%42.1%

 5. I am looking forward to participating in social group events and celebrations after the pandemic.

   Breakdown by Sex Breakdown by Age
ResponseTotal MaleFemale 18-2930-4445-6060+
Strongly agree41.8%45.0%55.0%23.8%21.5%35.3%19.4%
Strongly disagree3.3%52.9%47.1%23.5%17.7%20.6%38.2%

6. Has your engagement and relationships with co-workers been strained because you have not been able to socialize together beyond virtual meetings?

   Breakdown by Sex Breakdown by Age
ResponseTotal MaleFemale 18-2930-4445-6060+
Major Improvement6.5%58.2%41.8%43.3%16.4%29.9%10.5%
Little or No Change42.5%48.6%51.4%22.7%17.3%32.7%27.3%
Some Reduction25.5%46.6%53.5%28.4%26.2%29.1%16.4%
Major Reduction16.9%46.3%53.7%22.3%21.1%26.3%30.3%

7. In your work, the challenges of developing and maintaining relationships virtually with co-workers and clients has negatively impacted the quality of your work.

  Breakdown by SexBreakdown by Age
ResponseTotal MaleFemale 18-2930-4445-6060+
Strongly agree10.4%60.2%39.8%26.9%22.2%34.3%16.7%
Strongly Disagree18.7%39.7%60.3%18.6%14.4%39.2%27.9%

8. I am looking forward to participating in corporate team-building events and celebrations after the pandemic.

   Breakdown by Sex Breakdown by Age
ResponseTotal MaleFemale 18-2930-4445-6060+
Strongly Agree18.5%53.7%46.4%31.3%22.3%33.3%12.5%
Strongly Disagree14.7%49.3%50.7%19.1%15.1%32.2%33.6%
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