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7 Ideas For Your Next Company Party That Are Sure To Impress

It’s that time of year again – ‘tis the season for company parties. If you’re in charge of planning the next holiday party, you’re probably racking your brain for fresh ideas that’ll generate excitement and encourage people to attend.

We get it – it’s a stressful time of year and so many ideas out there have been done to death. Most employees will tell you they’ve pretty much seen everything but the kitchen sink when it comes to corporate parties.

But, don’t you fret. We’ve compiled a list of party ideas that are sure to impress and delight your team, colleagues and bosses.

These seven offbeat company party ideas will keep everyone on their toes and talking about your event long after it’s over!

Office cooking class

What’s the one class that everyone won’t want to miss?

Why a class with food, of course!

Cooking classes brings all the employees together with the irresistible allure of  tasty foods. It’s a brilliant idea for offices with high cultural diversity, where generating excitement about a particular theme (without alienating any one person) is daunting. For smaller businesses, this could be a DIY where teams make their favorite dishes, or you could keep it real simple and just have an out-of-the-box gingerbread house building contest.

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are like escape rooms but can be played virtually and in-person. If you have a team working remotely and wish to boost their spirit, virtual scavenger hunts are a good option.

In the office, divide the group into small teams and give each one a list of items or tasks to complete. The prompts can range from something simple like finding specific items or something more elaborate like acting out a scene from a show or movie – use your imagination here for the best results!

The first group to complete the list of objectives wins the game. Make sure you pick out a memorable holiday-themed prize for the victors!

Get competitive

Who doesn’t enjoy some healthy, good old-fashioned competition? Up the engagement level (and adrenaline level) of your next company party by asking your employees to compete against one another for fabulous prizes.

There are several directions that you can take this one.

Escape rooms, for example, offer an excellent company party alternative, encouraging competition and teamwork (minus the life-or-death stakes of something like Squid Games). It’s also the perfect (albeit slightly sneaky) opportunity to see just how many outside-the-box thinkers reside within your organization!

Looking for something a little more physical? You can’t go wrong with some competitive, good-natured axe throwing – it’ll get the blood flowing and spark some lively chatter.

Sign your office up for something that truly encourages people to work together to complete an objective. You’ll be surprised at how people come together for something as simple yet as fun as axe throwing!

If you’re looking for a venue, we have you covered. You can hold your next corporate axe-throwing party at FlannelJax’s – bring in your own caterer or purchase snacks and drinks from one of our branches. From axe throwing to social lumberjack games, there are no shortage of team-building activities to create a memorable experience.

Shark Tank

Are you a fan of the business reality TV series Shark Tank? Then, hosting your own Shark Tank-themed party may be the way to go. This is also a great option if you need a creative brainstorming session to help generate business ideas for the new year.

Just like the show, you can divide employees into small groups and have them come up with and present winning ideas. Whether you need people to create pitches for specific projects or general office policies, this is a great way to make something work-related more fun and innovative!

Talent Shows

Do you have multi-talented employees who love to sing, dance or a knack for improvisational theatre?

A talent show may be just what the doctor ordered.

Line up performances and offer attractive prizes such as cash gifts, gift certificates or even vacation leave credits to get everyone excited.

Employee Photoshoots

Hit two birds with one stone by scheduling a photo shoot for employees and turning it into an informal get-together. You can have fun photos or use the occasion to capture formal portraits for your website and other collaterals.

Don’t forget to advise people if they should dress specific colors.

You’ll also want to book and choose a room with good lighting, backgrounds and enough space for people to mill about during the photoshoots.

Outdoor sports

Office workers rarely get a chance to go out and get some sun. Weather permitting (and depending on your location), plan a fun outdoor sporting activity such as skiing or hockey that brings everyone together.  Or you could do something a little more inclusive of all skill levels, like tobogganing. When choosing a sport, it’s important to make sure to consider everyone’s athletic abilities and health concerns.

Instead of catering, invite food trucks to keep people happy and satisfied.

In closing: Inclusivity & scheduling are key

Regardless of which party idea you choose, remember that the best holiday company parties are inclusive. Everyone should be able to participate and have fun.

It also wouldn’t hurt if you set your party on a day that fits with everyone’s schedule – things can get a little hectic in the lead up to the holiday break. This will help everyone relax and focus on having a good time.

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