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7 Effective Team Building Strategies for Companies That Want to Win

To be content with their job, the modern employee needs more than just a paycheck, promise of growth and the occasional slap on the back for a job well done.

Employment today is more than completing a series of tasks before switching off for the day – it’s about providing workers with a fully featured environment where they can thrive.

What do they look for? Many workers will cite inspirational management, flexibility, and a culture that fosters team building, employee engagement and collaboration as top priorities.

If you want to build a great team – and keep those team members – you’ll need to pay attention to the factors that promote employee satisfaction and inspire them to come to work!

Balance work, play and build a winning corporate team by implementing these 7 effective and easy to follow team building strategies.

1. Open lines of communication

Communication, communication, communication – an extremely important but difficult to master skill. Take a step in the right direction by making open dialogue an integral part of your company culture.

How? Try implementing an open-door policy. Employees should feel comfortable approaching management to voice their ideas, opinions or concerns no matter the situation.

But, it goes both ways. Feedback that falls on deaf ears doesn’t do anyone any good. Supervisors need to consider what they hear and take action when necessary (i.e., if there are concerns over management style, they may need to adjust their approach).

Your team will really appreciate the positive communication and be open to honest feedback and constructive criticism, if they know that it goes both ways.

2. Set clear boundaries and roles

If you want results, you need to set clear expectations.

When employees know their roles and responsibilities, they are more efficient and can contribute more effectively to the overall goal. A clear road map provides a baseline that any worker can easily follow, eliminating any possibility of confusion and minimizing stress levels.

It’s also an environment that helps foster creativity. If you have an ambitious employee on your hands, they’ll feel empowered to go outside the box and provide new routes for success.

Don’t forget to set interpersonal and emotional boundaries too. Agree upon acceptable behavior in the workplace, how each person should treat each other as well as how they will resolve any problems or differences that arise.

What you’re left with is a cohesive team, one that is productive, respects each other and where members always know what they should be working on to support one another.

3. Create an inclusive workplace

Between meeting deadlines, divergent personalities, perspectives, cultures and sources of motivation, there are a lot of variables to account for in a workplace.

A healthy, inclusive workplace provides employees with the space to admit mistakes, ask for help, resolve conflicts diplomatically and recognizes their hard work. No one should feel afraid to be themselves and voice their thoughts.

All of this contributes to the continued growth of your staff and drives the company towards further heights of success.

4. Incorporate conflict resolution

With many different personalities on a team, people can be opiniated and even butt heads with another . Inevitably, managers and employees will disagree.

Not handling these situations correctly, especially in the workplace is a recipe for disaster. The team that wins together can handle these instances with minimal fuss.

Opting for some conflict resolution and mediation is the best way to handle corporate disputes. It also ensures both parties hear and consider each other’s points.

Make sure you have access to a good conflict mediator — they’ll help you negotiate a fair agreement or compromise for everyone.

5. Organize corporate retreats or team building activities

Even the most fun workplace requires needs an external outlet where employees can let loose, socialize with each other and not worry about their deadlines.

For that, nothing beats corporate retreats and team building activities; it helps boost morale and strengthen bonds between employees.

But make sure you plan activities that appeal to everyone.

You don’t have to do it yourself, either. There are event management companies that will plan out an exciting day, so you can kick back and enjoy the time spent away from the office.

In the mood for some fun competition? While you could go for something traditional like bowling, why not try something with a little more zest, like FlannelJax’s, where employees can try their hand at axe-throwing – in a fun, safe and informal setting. We can even help you plan a unique experience.

Our trained Lumberjacks know how to get everyone involved. They’ll teach your group all of the axe-citing FlannelJax’s games (such as Thump the Stump), help you perfect your throw, make sure you’re being safe and most importantly having fun!

6. Recognize and reward excellence

Every employee out there likes to feel appreciated for their work and their ideas. What better way to show your appreciation and deepen bonds with management then by having them recognize important employee milestones and accomplishments?

There are many ways you can go about this.

You can give your staff bonuses, promotions or even a simple shoutout as the “employee of the month.” Or you can plan a fun event to celebrate milestones, networking events, holiday parties or any other special event on your corporate calendar.

7. Encourage mentorship

Mentorship connects more junior and senior staff and improves team cohesiveness, development and communication.

It’s a mutually rewarding experience. The senior staff feel valued for their experience and can learn about the challenges facing a younger generation of employees, while the less experienced members of the team gain a sense of belonging as well as advice and direction.

Effort well spent

Creating a winning company and a winning team takes a lot of hard work.

But it’s not impossible.

Communicate your vision clearly, set guidelines for each role, and build stronger bonds through efficient management and interpersonal activities. You’ll create a strong company culture with the perfect balance between work and play.

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