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Team Building

Don’t just break the ice… Smash through it with an axe!

If you’re looking to build, motivate reward or get to know your coworkers better, a FlannelJax’s team building event is an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Our trained Lumberjacks will have your team members working together and competing against each other in a variety of extreme, social games. It’s team building on steroids! Loosen your tie, clink your axes and cheer on your coworkers at FlannelJax’s.

Bring your team to FlannelJax’s for:

  • Getting to know new employees
  • Client or networking events
  • Celebrating milestones
  • Boosting morale
  • Encouraging teamwork
  • Holiday parties
  • Special events
  • Employee appreciation or incentive
  • Hanging out and having fun with coworkers

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At FlannelJax’s we host corporate teams from all over who are looking for a unique and fun team building event. Our customized events are designed to quickly break the ice and get people laughing and working together. Throw in some friendly competition and FlannelJax’s is a Team Building experience your team will never forget.

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Planning A Big Event?

One of our Event Specialists will work with you to customize your FlannelJax’s experience. We look after every detail, from catering to drink packages, games to prizes. We’ll take the stress out of planning your event while ensuring everything is perfect.

"Went for a work get together and had a blast. There are different games you can play. They have beer. They are friendly and helpful. I'll be back for sure."

Your team can enjoy a drink from our bar, and we can help you organize catering and other unique touches to make sure your corporate event hits the bullseye.

Start planning the most axe-ellent event in company history! Call 1 (844) 605-4400 to speak with one of our Event Specialists or book a FREE No-Commitment Venue Tour to check out the FlannelJax’s Lumber Camp by filling out this form below.

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