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Crosscut Sawing

A fast-paced Lumberjack challenge

Think you could have been a Lumberjack? Try your hand at this traditional game inspired by Lumberjacks.

Crosscut Sawing at FlannelJax’s is a race against the clock! Saw through a log as fast as you can and the best time from your group wins! And if you’re quick enough, you’ll earn a spot on our wall of fame!

Need an even bigger challenge? Grab a partner to cut through the log together. You’ll quickly learn that it takes teamwork to beat the clock.

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Wall of Fame:


  1. Owen – 6.9 seconds (St. Paul)
  2. Kegan – 7.0 seconds (St. Paul)
  3. Owen – 7.8 seconds (St. Paul)
  4. Chris - 8.13 seconds (St. Paul)
  5. Big Ed – 8.44 seconds (St. Paul)


  1. Patrick & Alex – 5.69 seconds (St. Paul)
  2. Jay & Jake – 7.15 seconds (St. Paul)
  3. Chad & Jeff – 7.16 seconds (St. Paul)
  4. Paul & Dennis – 7.56 seconds (St. Paul)
  5. Tim & Adam – 7.97 seconds (St. Paul)

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