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Struggling With Holiday Shopping for Loved Ones?

The holiday shopping season is upon us again, and it seems like thinking about what to buy for loved ones becomes more and more difficult each year. What do you give someone who already seems to have everything? And how can you guarantee that they will enjoy your gift?

In a survey, 52% of Americans admitted not liking at least one gift they received over the holidays, even as they appreciated its sentiment. Around 43% of those who received unwanted gifts admitted holding on to the items, which ended up gathering dust in the closet or under the bed. About 35% regift the present and 26% exchange them.

This is why it’s best to think beyond material objects and give people the gift of experience instead.

Here is a list of 10 fantastic experience gifts you can share with family and friends this holiday season:

1. Cooking Class

Beginners or experienced cooks can benefit from learning a new technique or preparing an unfamiliar dish. The combination of a fun experience and a practical skill they can use for the rest of their lives is a fantastic—and likely unforgettable—holiday present!

2. Weekend Getaway

A relaxing weekend getaway for two is an amazing present for your parents or your siblings and their significant others. They’d surely be grateful to have some time for themselves amid the stress of day-to-day life.

3. Kayak Tour

For loved ones who enjoy the great outdoors, a kayak tour is definitely an experience gift they will be happy to receive. You can also choose a low-key sunset tour, an adventurous wilderness tour, or something in between, depending on the recipient’s preferences.

4. Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is a unique and social activity where people can release their stress and enjoy the physicality of a new skill. It’s a fantastic gift for competitive friends and family members.

5. Food Tour

Instead of giving food as a holiday gift, opt for a food tour. It’s a wholesome experience that will surely leave the recipient full and satisfied, and best of all, with the freedom to choose what to eat.

6. Fitness Class

Many people say they want to start a healthy lifestyle at the start of each year. You can give them a gift to ensure they will stay true to their resolution: a fitness experience.

7. Skydiving

It is not for the faint of heart, but for the thrill seeker in your life, this is a fantastic gift of an experience. Who knows, you may be helping them tick an item off their bucket list!

8. Indoor Skydiving

An indoor skydiving experience is a great gift for those who are adventurous but need to build up to jumping out of a plane. It’s an exciting middle ground that they will surely appreciate.

9. A Drive With Their Dream Car

Do you know someone who is a fan of classic cars and dreams of driving one someday? You can make that dream a reality, even for just one day. Rental companies offer up classic cars for this exact purpose.

10. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are enjoyable and memorable experiences—the perfect gift for explorers and aspiring detectives.

Final Thought: A Gift of Memory

Giving material gifts can be repetitive and challenging, leading to a lot of waste. This holiday season, a unique and memorable experience is the best present you can give to family and friends.

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