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Team Building is Strengthening Bonds One Bullseye at a Time!

If you’re a business leader or manager, you may be looking for new ways to boost teamwork at your workplace. After all, a company that fosters teamwork enjoys various competitive advantages—improved efficiency, productivity, learning, creativity, innovation, problem-solving, communication, and engagement to name a few.

Employees also feel a greater sense of belonging and accomplishment when they feel connected to their organizations and teammates. But team building activities often get a bad rap since many people find them boring, awkward, and forced. It defeats the purpose of bringing employees together and getting them to participate in ice-breaker activities.

The truth is team building doesn’t have to be dull or tedious, especially when you add fun and exhilarating activities like axe throwing to the mix! If you don’t know how axe throwing can help you boost teamwork among your staff, we tell you all about it in this post.

Promotes Equality and Camaraderie

You can’t really bond with your teammates when your CEO is around since you may feel stiff and formal. But when you organize an axe-throwing party, you can be sure that everyone will feel relaxed and at ease.

When people are throwing axes, no one thinks about their titles or organizational hierarchy. Everyone becomes equal before the target board and focused on getting their aim right.

Hosting an axe-throwing event can help you shake up conventional team-building activities and get your staff out of their comfort zones. It helps build camaraderie and trust among colleagues and strengthens work relationships.

Even employees who don’t usually open up much may find themselves sharing techniques or laughing over certain throws with their peers.

Offers a Unique Experience

While many offices hold team lunches, dinners, and happy hours, team-building events can get mundane and exhausting after some time. Axe throwing provides employees with a one-of-a-kind experience that they will remember for a long time.

It not only brings teams closer by hitting bullseyes but also challenges them to do something different. It pushes them into a new environment that requires communication and cooperation while ensuring that they are having fun.

Works as a Powerful Stress-Buster

Let’s face it — work stress is a real and legitimate cause of burnout among many employees globally. Companies that don’t allow workers to unwind set themselves up for failure and attrition. Luckily, you can combine team building and stress-busting into one activity by holding an axe-throwing competition.

Axe throwing fosters team spirit among employees while relieving work-related stress. It encourages them to let off steam in a fun way while ensuring everyone’s safety. Team members can take a break from their everyday worries and enjoy themselves thoroughly.

Enhances Communication Skills

Another way axe throwing helps build close-knit teams is by improving communication skills. It involves throwing axes at wooden target boards so whether you’re throwing an axe by yourself or with a partner, you must clearly communicate with your team members to achieve success. This promotes bonding and coordination.

Being able to work together as a team is crucial at work. Effective coordination and communication improves project and meeting outcomes, employee performance, and business success.

Improves Collaboration and Strategization

The goal of improving teamwork is to enhance employees’ abilities to collaborate and strategize. Effective collaboration helps them formulate powerful strategies that have everyone on board. It not only avoids conflicts but also brings in diverse perspectives that benefit the organization in the long run.

Axe throwing does just that by getting everyone to participate in hitting the target board and scoring bullseyes. All your employees work together as a team to win against the other team, improving collaboration inside and outside the office.

Ensures a Good Workout

Last but not least, axe throwing offers a fun and relaxing way to get some physical exercise during the day. Exercise improves physical well-being, boosts endorphins, and beats stress, making it an excellent way for employees to unwind. You may not think of it as a useful team-building activity, but your staff will thank you later.

It will show them that you care for their health, making them more appreciative and loyal toward the organization while enjoying a better sense of connection with their teammates.

Serves Other Purposes

You don’t have to restrict axe throwing to team-building events. You can also leverage it for other work-related objectives such as celebrating milestones, getting to know new teammates, rewarding employees, hosting holiday parties, and networking.


When done right, team building is an essential and powerful tool that drives business growth and success. Bringing employees together in a collaborative and fun way helps them recharge their creative batteries and promotes a more holistic and healthy work culture.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look far and wide to host an axe-throwing party. FlannelJax’s offers an excellent space for axe throwing that you can book for your next team-building event.

Whether you have a small or large team, we deliver superior experiences for corporate and team-building events that are fun, social, and axe-tremely engaging!

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