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4 Simple Tips for Throwing a Great Bachelor Party

Your best friend is getting married… so it’s up to you to hang on to the ring, write a killer speech, and (most importantly) plan the bachelor party! But where do you start?

Here are a few tips for throwing a great bachelor party to make sure it’s a night no one will forget.

1. Set the Tone

A simple text invite isn’t likely to get everyone pumped for the event. Instead, put together a schedule of events and invite other attendees to participate. You can keep the activities a secret from the groom. But, tell the other groomsmen about the plans and ask them to help with toasts and roasts.

You might want to also set a theme for the activity. At FlannelJax’s we get a bunch of groups coming in all in flannel or decked out as Lumberjacks, but you can do anything from superheroes to casino night, sports or karaoke. It’s a fun way to get some attention for the groom-to-be.

2. Set the Budget

As the best man, you won’t be expected to foot the bill for the whole party, but you should consider the budgets of other people who will be attending. You don’t want to exclude anyone from participating because the bachelor party will be too expensive for some.

If you know that the group is looking for a low-cost activity, then stick with a one-night event instead of a weekend-long celebration. Or maybe you do a simple dinner like pizza and put more of the money towards the activity. Just make sure you pick something that is in everyone’s price range

3. Set the Date

Usually the bachelor party is scheduled as close to the wedding as possible. If the groom has family and friends traveling from out of town, then it increases the attendance if you coordinate the party date right before the wedding. Some people won’t want to make the same trip twice, which is why choosing a date a few weeks before the wedding might not be the best idea. However, if you’re planning a more elaborate getaway, you’ll have to coordinate with everyone on the guest list to pick a date that works for most, while also taking into consideration things like flight costs (remember tip #2).

4. Set the Plans

You can’t just provide food and drinks and expect that everyone will show up to make it a fun night. Choose an activity to center the party around. You don’t have to stick with the cliché Vegas-style clubs or bar crawl. Instead, pick something that matches the groom’s personality and is fun for people with a variety of interests. A few ideas include:

  • Destination bachelor party trip, with a weekend getaway
  • Attend a professional sporting event – even minor league games can be a good time
  • Go on a camping trip or to a cabin


Of course, our suggestion for the best bachelor party is Axe Throwing at FlannelJax’s. We get bachelor and bachelorette parties all the time – and it’s a great time as the main event or just to kick off the evening before visiting a… ahem… Gentlemen’s Club… or other bars. Everyone will remember the excitement and fun and it’s something everyone can take part in. Just give the nearest FlannelJax’s location a call if you want to throw the most axe-citing bachelor party around.

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